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Mar 13, 2011 5:00am EDT
>> coming up, days after that devastating quake hit japan triggering a tsunami, there are more difficult days ahead. >> a young girl is in the hospital after a pitbull attack. >> and the nfl sees its first lockout in more than 20 years. "11 news sunday morning" starts now. [captioning made possible by constellation energy group] >> hello, and welcome to "11 news sunday morning." i'm lisa robinson. >> and i'm sarah caldwell. our top stories in just a moment. first we want to take a look outside with sandra shaw. >> and it is nice people are still out. it is going to be decent today. a little cooler today. 58 degrees. kind of a prelude to spring. you have -- if you have to spring forward, it should feel like it, right? we're going to see mostly sunny to partly cloudy skies. a dry cold front is on the move. it will not develop precipitation as it moves across the atlantic. all and all we'll see a shift in the winds. that's all you will notice with this front. somewhat breezy for this afternoon. how mild is it how? maybe people are out because it is comfortable. 48 in annapolis. ag
Mar 13, 2011 9:00am EDT
. then the deadly tsunami. now japan is facing fears of a nuclear crisis. this united states is sending a team for the nuclear regulatory commission just one way the america government and people are responding as the toll of japan's strategy starts to come into focus. president obama has been getting regular briefings at the white house and in the zars zone mighty u.s. navy helicopters are delivering food, supplies, and hope. the frad emergency management agency dispatched specialized ress cue teams. veterans of disasters around the world. >> we are madging a lot like the katrina scenario with new orleans. >> across this country americans are donating to the red cross and other relief agencies hoping to help those in need a world a way. meanwhile hawaii and the west coast are still assessing their damage tafert tsunami reached our shores. japan's disaster is serving as a wakeup call. >> this earthquake will help the pacific northwest understand what they will need to get ready for. >> you can view the drament 86 pictures and video from japan. there is also an interactive guide explaining the
Mar 20, 2011 5:00am EDT
>> coming up, the u.s. and european nations strike after libya's leader defies orders. >> japan suffers another setback. now fears of a radiation leak to the food supply. >> a community comes together to end a rash of arson fires. >> and you can probably get a glimpse of what lit up the sky. "11 news sunday morning" starts now. [captioning made possible by constellation energy group] >> hello. welcome to "11 news sunday morning." i'm sarah caldwell. lisa has the morning off. >> and i'm kai reed. first we want to take a look outside with tony pann. >> a little cooler today. it will make it low 50's instead of 60, but you still would not call it a bad day. >> i saw that moon. >> did you catch that super moon? i'll show you video from that a little later on. it is pretty cool. step outside if you can. 39 degrees now at the airport. a couple clouds hanging around. no precipitation just yet. a northeast wind at 9 miles per hour. the forecast for today, a mixture of sunshine and clouds. it will be cool but not cold with high temperatures in the low 50's. when we come back, we'll check
Mar 20, 2011 9:00am EDT
to the crisis in japan. this morning an unexpected spike in pressure inside a reactor has set back efforts to bring japan's overheating nuclear complex under control. plant operators have been considering a deliberate release of radioactive gas but they have put that on hold now that pressure has stopped rising. the development comes as concern spreads about food and water contamination. meantime american volunteers are landing a hand in towns flattened and bat rned in some areas, entire communities have been wiped from the map. survivors facing critical shortages of food, water, and medicine. >> if someone had said we're going to give you an exercise and we're going to throw an earthquake at you, a tsunami at you, a nuclear reactor, we would have said stop. it's never realistic. something like that is never going to happen. and here we are dealing with it. >> personnel are being evacuated. 1700 alone are being taken out of the base. find out how you can help and find out how nuclear reactors are built on our website. >> back here in baltimore, violence continues to plague the city forcing
Mar 27, 2011 5:00am EDT
from the nuclear plant in japan still ahead. >> plus shrek was an instant classic with kids all over, but now on broadway. one of the characters happens to be from the area. henson, once you get through that big n' toasty, we're going to go over sales figures, complete this merger, present to the board and do a number of other seemingly impossible tasks today. it's going to be a big one. sink your teeth into some egg, bacon and cheese and nod if you understand. good. you've got spunk. a big day calls for the new big n' toasty, with fried eggs, cherrywood-smoked bacon, and cheese, stacked high on thick texas toast. wrap your hands around one at dunkin'. america runs on dunkin'. grab a big breakfast with the new big n' toasty sandwich from dunkin' donuts. >> in "medical alert" being a first-born child may have its advantages but not when it comes to suffering from food and environmental allergies. the oldest child in the family had the highest rate of food allergies and the risks went down with each subsequent child. babies born into a house hold with older children have tougher immune
Search Results 0 to 4 of about 5